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Selected Alternatives

Screenshot (108).png

The selected alternative reconstructs NM 41 within the project limits. Reconstruction includes the roadway pavement and subgrade, the addition of shoulders,  and replacement/upgrades of ancillary features such as right-of-way fencing, signing,  and drainage structures.  This alternative maintains the existing functional classification of  NM 41 as a 2-lane rural collector highway, and upgrades the roadway to a safe and modern  

highway that is consistent with the rural and historic character of the Galisteo Basin. Features of the selected alternative include:

Community Core Area

Screenshot (109).png
  • 11' Lanes - 4' Shoulders

  • No rumble strips

Community Transition Area

Screenshot (107).png
  • 11' Lanes - 4' Shoulders

  • No Rumble Strips

  • Dispersed Medians for Visual Cues at approximately 1/2 mile intervals


Screenshot (112).png
  • 12' Lanes - 6' Shoulders

  • Atypical Rumble Strips

Atypical Rumble Strips

  • Provides wider effective shoulder area

  • Maintains the skipped region for bicycle crossing

  • Friction course extends to full 6-foot shoulder width

Weather Guardrail


Standard Guardrail


Weathered Guardrail

  • Weathered (Corten Steel) Guardrail

  • Rustic aesthetic appearance

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